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Which Camera is the Absolute Best Cheap DSLR? – Canon Rebel XSi Vs Nikon D3000

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How can you tell which is better – Canon Rebel XSi vs Nikon D3000? Who do you listen to? Is there really an answer to this loaded question?This is a hot debate, I mean the one between the top photo equipment manufacturers. If you are a fan of one or the other, it will definitely taint your view on which of these products is best, but try to put your biases aside as you consider a few “ideas” about which is the absolute best cheap DSLR.First, consider the price. Right now both are listed at under $500. This is an amazing time to be buying your first digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR). Prices have never been lower. So, as far as price is concerned, there is no clear winner. It all depends on the day and time as to what price point you will get.

Second, consider the image quality. This should always be high on your list of deciding factors before you make a purchase. At high light ISO settings, there is no clear winner here. However, in lower light, when ISO is pushed to 1600, there is a slight disadvantage for the Nikon D3000 because of the amount of noise in the images. If you check the review sites, you know, the guys who do nothing but examine those minute details and report on the difference in pixel dimensions and such, anyway, if you check them, you will be hard-pressed to find any difference in image quality, especially for the average photographer and not examining the image with the utmost scrutiny.Third, consider features and specifications. There are a few features that make the Canon Rebel XSi a winner here. A slightly larger image sensor in terms of megapixels, the burst speed is a bit better, but the biggy is Live View, which is not available in the Nikon D3000.You should look closely at all the specifications and features before you make your final choice. But here is a final consideration: While the Canon Rebel XSi is somewhat older, it is in a line of progressively improving technology, and, yes, it has been upgraded in the newer T1i model, but it is still a very viable candidate if you wish to get your first DSLR for a very affordable price. The Nikon D3000, on the other hand, is the newest in its line, but it was obviously designed to compete at a lower price point than the older D5000, and instead of improving the technology, the manufacturer has purposely created a technological downgrade rather than an upgrade.


Written by juarezfrederick3

May 10, 2016 at 11:40 am