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IDX Endura E-10 98Wh Lithium Ion V-Mount Battery Pack, 14.8 Volts/6.6 Ah with 5 LED Capacity Indicator.

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    The IDX ENDURA PowerLink system allows you to stack two E-50/E-80/E-10 V-Mount batteries together on a camera back. When using the55Wh ENDURA E-50 battery in PowerLink mode, you can get an output of 110Wh to your camera. When using the new 98Wh ENDURA E-10 battery in PowerLink mode, you can get an unpresidented output of 196Wh to your camera. This makes longer run times available, up toeight hours on some cameras. It also makes using on-camera lights possible, without needing a battery belt. And since ENDURA batteries weigh between 1.1 lb. and 1.62 lbs., your body will thank you. ENDURA batteries fit directly onto new cameras that have the wedge style V-Mount already built in, including Digital Betacam, Betacam SX, and DVCAM. They are also adaptable to Anton Bauer Gold Mount systems, using the A-AB2E adaptor plate, or may affix directly to other cameras by adding an IDX V-Mount plate. Each IDX V-Mount Plate, P-V or P-VS, features a D-Tap 2-pin connector, to allow use of on-camera lights. IDX ENDURA batteries offer Digi-View. The ENDURA Digi-View, is a feature that displays accurate battery capacity in the camera viewfinder of many new cameras. The IDX P-VS plate supports Syncron. An energy saving function which activates on-camera lights when recording is engaged and deactivates when the recording is paused.

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    Written by juarezfrederick3

    June 6, 2013 at 8:21 pm

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